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Agile Playground and TastyCupCakes

September 18, 2008

This Agile 2008 Conference in Toronto Canada was one of the best I had ever attended.

The presentations and speakers were excellent. The conference material was well organized. And the most stress many of us felt were trying to decide which sessions to attend (a good problem to have at any conference).

One session, Agile Playground put on by Michael McCullough and Don McGreal, focused on using games to teach participants about agile. This session was excellent because it provided trainers and coaches with lots of good ideas on how to help people new to agile, experience and feel some of the practices and principles that are sometimes hard to put words too.

Not only were the speakers professional and well prepared, they were also generous enough to document many of their games on index cards participants could take away.

If you are into agile games, and are looking for ways to teach agile to colleagues, be sure to check out Michael and Don’s website.

Thanks again Michael and Don for putting on a great session.

Click here for tasty agile games

Click here for tasty agile games