The 3 fundamental laws of software project management

I read this somewhere (can’t remember where, but I think it was DeCarlo) and it has served me well. These laws have certainly held true for every software project I have ever been on.

1. The requirements are going to change.

2. It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the beginning of a project.

3. There will always be more requirements than time and budget allow.

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2 Responses to “The 3 fundamental laws of software project management”

  1. PM Hut Says:

    This list is basically the reason of why Agile Project Management is there.

    The reason, IMO, why the requirements change and not all the requirements are known in the beginning of the project is because most customers do not really know what they want.

  2. JR Says:

    Absolutely 100% agree PM.

    Not only do they not know what they want, they are guaranteed to change their minds about what they want once they get what they asked for.

    That’s just the ‘softness’ of software development.

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