On speaking well

A couple days ago I came across a great post on Speaking Well.

The speaker is Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Winston goes some very effective techniques on how to give a talk. For example he explains why he does not recommend opening with a joke. He explains how to make use of lighting, space, props, and why the best time to give a presentation is at 10:30am.

It is a very clever presentation and he demonstrates many of his techniques by example on himself.

Once again this talk reminds us that the quality of our ideas is often less important than how we deliver them.

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2 Responses to “On speaking well”

  1. Ainsley Says:

    Been reading several articles on your blog this morning – a diverse range of topics – all very interesting.

    I want to check the “speaking well” book out – I totally agree that delivery is key.
    Why 10:30? I would challenge that there is a standard best time since an organization has many different personalities. Based on personality research I have seen you can identify best times to approach individuals however a group is difficult.

  2. JR Says:

    Hi Ainsley,

    Great questions. Winston believes 1030am is the best time to talk because by then most people are awake, and its too early for people to go to sleep.

    This is a much better time than after lunch, and late in the day when peoples energy levels has started to drop.

    Obvious the exact time is subjective. But I think the point is valid.
    Talk in the morning instead of the afternoon.

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