Stay a rookie

When you keep the mindset of a rookie, you are always looking to improve.

A Great Rookie
A Great Rookie

You are studying others.
You are reading, thinking, continuously seeking an edge and asking yourself how you could improve

It is never ending.
It is relentless.
And you always feel barely competent .

It is also tremendously rewarding, as learning can fill the soul in ways money and other rewards can’t.

Keep this mindset as you gain experience and knowledge in whatever you do

It will keep things fresh. And you won’t get complacent.

Don’t fall prey to the complacency that comes with gaining some experience and knowledge.

I’ve seen it happen to friends, competition, and people I greatly admire.

The world is a lesser place for it.


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One Response to “Stay a rookie”

  1. mO Says:

    Amen to that!

    I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable calling myself an intermediate or senior dev. In my mind I feel like I’m always going to be junior compared to the type of dev I want to be…

    Keep ’em comin JR!

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